Cremation Policy

Wyebank Funeral Group offers 2 types of cremation attendance cremation and non-attendance cremation.

1. Attendance Cremation

Attendance cremation service is where we prepare your loved one and bring the coffin or casket for a service there after proceeding to the crematorium of your choice.

2. Non Attendance Cremation

Non –attendance cremation is a service where we prepare your loved one and take the coffin or casket to the crematorium.


We will also collect and package the ashes for you to collect from our office upon request.

Cremation Policy

Husband and Wife under 60 years with children under 21 years of age.

R35.00 PER family

Extended Dependants

21-39 years R3.00
40-59 years R4.00
60-64 years R5.00
65-69 years R10.00
70-74 years R15.00
75-80 years R20.00


Removal and Registration


Preparation and Dressing

Furnished Casket with inner Cremation coffin

Transport of Deceased

Flowers or Prayer (R500.00)

Cremation Fees


For Dignified funerals at Low Prices

Funeral Cremations
Funeral Insurance
Memorials Storage


1. Initial premium is monthly premium
2. Waiting period of three months but six months for members over 70 years
3. Only policy holder and dependants are covered
4. Lapsing period of two months if premiuim not paid
5. If policy not mature or lapsed a discount of 25% will be given on full funeral price
6. Funerals are to be carried out by Wyebank Funeral services only or else not benefits are given
7. Doctors fees will be charged on home removal deaths
8. Premiums to be adjusted according to change of age
9. Premiums will increase if dependants are added on depending on age group
10. Benefits for children under 14 years is a complete funeral and R250.00
11. People living in Durban and surrounding areas are only covered
12. Cash can be added to change coffin
13. Funerals can be done out of Durban area but at an extra charge
14. Coffins can be changed at an extra change at time of death
15. Children under 14 years to be buried from Monday to Friday only
16. Funerals done on Sunday and Public holidays will be charged as overtime
17. Clients that need a special coffin to be made to accommodate their size will pay the difference
18. Members can only be covered in one policy. If members are covered in more than one policy by error, only premiums paid for that particular member will be refunded. No claims will be awarded twice for any members